"Thorough & Professional"  Tracey Smythe.
(Student & Performer)(Ireland)

"Beautiful & Harmonious dancing" Beverly Joffe.
(Instructor & Performer)( U.K.)

"Thank you so much you were brilliant. Everyone commented on how professional you were and they very much enjoyed seeing you."  
Alison Twiggly.
(Medical Professional Consultant.) 

"Dances like a Fireball" Sammera Madana.
(Instructor & Performer) (U.K.)
"Egyptian Powerhouse". Jan Piggot
(Instructor & Performer) (U.K.)

"Funky Hips" Margaret Caffrey.
(Master JWAAD Instructor & Performer)
"Beautiful " Jim Boz.
(Instructor & Performer)(USA)
"Fantastic" Galit Mersand.
(Instructor & Performer)(U.K.)
"Fantastic" Khaled Mahmoud.
(Instructor & Performer)(U.K.)

"I have seen many dancers all over the world
and really enjoyed your dancing" 

Professor Dr. Hassan Khalil.
(Instructor & Performer)(Egypt)
"Lovely dancing" Keti Sharif.
(Instructor & Performer)(Egypt)
"You dance very well" Hadia.
(Instructor & Performer)(Canada)
"Sassy and Strong"  Nikki Livermore.
(Instructor & Performer)(U.K.)

Danced at MADN Performance Platform Group Drum Solo 

Danced 6 times at Planet Egypt.
2006 - 2009
Co-Produced 4 x Jewels of the Nile shows.
Danced for Survivors of the Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004
Taught and Performed at FANTASIA the U.K.'s annual London Bellydance Workshop event with Shows and Bazaars.
1998- 2004
JWAAD Teacher Trained
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