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"The Human Body is the best instrument 

that God will ever give you.

Use it wisely and let your dancing explode, with expression that frees the soul ......


by Yara



Great for For Fun, Fitness and Flexibility!


Start your journey into Bellydance.

Enhance your technique and quality of movement with clear, concise, patient and encouraging instruction from a qualified and experienced Belly dance instructor; with a great sense of humour!

Yara is a Professionally trained and insured Bellydance Instructor and Performer,
with a JWAAD
 Wise Academy of Arabic Dance) Teaching Diploma. 

Presently called bellydance - now which is the only accredited Bellydance

qualification in the U.K..

Keti Sharif's A-Z Bellydance Certificate, Level Original - Advanced.



What will you Learn?


TECHNIQUE STAGE 1. -The 60 Core Bellydance Moves.

TECHNIQUE STAGE 2. - Drills & Combinations,


PERFORMING - Choreography & Improvisation dancing.

PROPS - Veils, Finger Cymbals, Saaidi Cane and Fan Veils etc.

HISTORY & CULTURE - The Amazing History of Bellydance and it's diverse

cultural connections.


What will you Gain?

Improved Mental Health

Raised Self - Esteem /Worth



Better Body Co-Ordination

Improved Health & Fitness

Better Shape & Muscle Tone

New Neurological Pathways

New Social connections

And it goes without saying ....... Lots of Fun!


Bellydance classes for feeling and expressing the music in a physical sense!


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