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About Yara

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Professional Qualifications & Experience  

Yara's teaching style is a no nonsense, analytical, concise, patient, positively encouraging and complimentary, with a great sense of humour!

Yara is a Professionally trained and insured Bellydance Instructor and Performer,
with a JWAAD
 Wise Academy of Arabic Dance) Teaching Diploma. 

Presently called bellydance - now which is the only accredited Bellydance qualification in the U.K..

Keti Sharif's A-Z Bellydance Certificate, Level Original - Advanced.

She has attended many hours of workshops over the decades and been taught by over 30 fabulous
National and International Instructors
(named below) and thoroughly appreciated their generous knowledge and expertise.

This has given her the consistent balanced and professionally structured knowledge to teach and mentor Bellydance students who really wish to get on, enjoy and learn about this amazing dance.

With 36 years dancing  and 24 years teaching experience (minus about 8 months due to COVID-19)  Teaching Classes, Specialised Workshops,  Adult Education and Private Courses right from Beginners to Professionals.

She aims to give students the best of her knowledge and experience.

Yara has always been fascinated by the Middle Eastern Culture, it's history and it's dances.

So, from the age of 16 decided to started her own personal journey of learning to Bellydance.

Her first experience of Egyptian Bellydance tuition was with Tina Hobin in a 4 hour London Bellydance Workshop which was a thrill to take part in and learn so much!!

She has performed 6 times at Planet Egypt and taught and performed at Fantasia one of the UK's most prominent dance Festivals.

Professional shows and performance platforms such as MADN U.K. are also part of her repertoire.

For personal celebrations performances at Summer Parties, Milestone Birthday parties, Hen parties and Wedding Receptions.

Also, a very special evening performance aboard a Mini Cruse ship on the River Nile!

Choreographer & Performer

With strength in both improvisation and choreographies, her passion for solo or group dance performances spans the wide and varied Egyptian Dance Styles and amazing Props.
Yara's dance style is energetic, bold and entertaining or beautiful and elegant with an understated control.

Her performances have included diverse personal celebrations, i.e. Milestone Birthdays, Wedding Receptions, Hen Nights and Summer Marquee Parties.

Also, Professional Shows, Performance Platforms and Haflahs.

Yara's choreography skills are strong and varied with the ability to write choreographies for herself and her students in all the main styles of Egyptian Bellydance and the props used.

Dance Costumier

Yara's designer high end Bellydance Costumes for both National and International clients are beautiful and exquisite with inspiration taken from a variety of themes and concepts .

With access to amazing fabrics, sequins and beading suppliers. 

Costumes all made to order in Folkloric, Oriental, Cabaret and Tribal Fusion styles.


National & International Instructors 

Aaminah, Agnieska Jablonska, Aida Noor, Anne Kingston, Anne Hall 


Beverley Sabatella, Galit Mersand, Gwen Booth, Hadia, Harriet Gervasio,

Hossam Ramzy & Serena Ramzy.

Jan Piggot, Jaqueline Chapman, Jilina

Jim Boz, Josephine Wise, Kay Taylor, Keti Sharif.

Khaled Mahmoud, Kristyene Boreland, Margaret Caffrey, Margaret Krause, Mayaan Aviram

Melissa Abrahams, Ozgen, Randa Kamal, Raphaelle Masson, Sameera Madana.

Selina Sevil, STORM, Tina Hobin

Vashti (Cathy Selford), Yasmina of Cairo, Yousry Sharif, Yvette Cowles, and more!

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