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What you can Wear

For absolute beginners, class practice Dance attire is usually leggings or tracksuit bottoms, a T-shirt and bare feet.

If you don't like to dance bare footed, you may prefer DANCE BALLET PUMPS or JAZZ SHOES

Or, more snazzy class practice items such as a SKIRT or PANTS with a BELT and Stretchy TOP . Quite frankly anything that's really comfortable and promotes ease of movement.

As you start getting used to learning all the moves, the first thing students tend to purchase is a shimmy belt to help accentuate all the movements.

Then a Veil and then Finger Cymbals.

Students can be very, very, slow to purchase an actual Bellydance costume.

Feeling they need to be very competent before they should allow themselves to, or, they need to wait until they "get good at it".

By all means different nationalities and age groups can be more proactive or more reserved about obtaining a costume.

American women and Russian Women will be more proactive, where as English Women will be more reserved especially if they are 50 or 60 +.

However, don't wait too long because this "get good at it" point of view is rather ominous and quite frankly were do you set the bench mark and in the meantime miss out on the great feeling of getting into character that dancing in a Bellydance costume brings.

So go on don't wait too long, get a FULL COSTUME to wear to really get into character!! 

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