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What to Expect


The Class Basics

Dance classes are on a weekly drop in basis with no need to book in advance.

The Dance Studio is fully air conditioned with mirrors on one side for clear visability of technical instruction and a wooden sprung floor.

The students are women of all ages and cultural backgrounds and are very friendly and welcoming.

No bitchiness, mind games or disrespect will be tolerated.

Bellydance is about a Sisterhood of sharing not insecure egos trying to outshine one another!

Parking is available in so come along and park as you please there are plenty of spaces. 

Classes start with a welcome and a Health inquiry:-

Hello everyone hope you are all well

"Are you all in good health everyone?"

Giving anyone the chance to declare any bad backs, sore hips, or dodgy feet.

Then a posture Check:-

Then a Posture and Body alignment check so that all parts of the body are in position.

Then a Warm Up :-

Then a Warm up consisting of Mobilisers, Pulseraisers and Stretches to prepare the body for dance and movement.

Then at the end, a Cool Down:-

At the very end of the class session, a slow Cool Down to safely lower the body temperature, then students may pack up and go home.

What you will Learn

Classes are based on a full years pre-planned balanced schedule of study to get the best out of your Bellydance class learning experience

Subject matter includes :-

1. Conditioning Exercises in the Warm up Session:-




2. Bellydance Technical Families of Movement:-

Moves, Steps, Shimmies, Arms, Hands and gestures.

from Beginner to Advanced.

3. The Main Egyptian Bellydance Styles :-

Saaidi, Baladi, Retro Oriental and Modern Oriental and more.

4. Bellydance Props:-

Magical Veils, Fascinating Finger Cymbals, Commanding Canes & Fabulous Fan Veils, 

5. Bellydance Music:-

 Instruments & Rhythms and which moves are best suited to each rhythm.

Dance Expression and musicality and Taqasims.

6. Bellydancing Modes:-

Belly-fit Technique Fitness Drills.

Bellydance Combinations.

Expressive Choreographies.

Flowing Improvisation.

7. Bellydance Stage Craft & Performance Skills:-

Performing Tips & Tricks

Stage & Floor Spacial Awareness

Making and Entrance & Exit

Poses and Pauses

You will be helped to master step by step, the Bellydance technique that will be patiently taught to you, in order to be able for write and perform your own solo choreographies.

Especially learning to be proficient in the playing of finger cymbals which is a Bellydancing iconic delight!

Class Etiquette

1. Please arrive punctually for classes preferably 10 mins before hand to allow yourself to change and be ready to start.

2. Please switch off all mobile phones or place on silent unless it's an emergency and do not consult them in class please!

3. Please do not chew chewing gum or consume food in class, but do bring water to drink to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Please be respectful and friendly towards myself and others.

5. Men are very welcome to join in the class but please be aware if any ladies my be uncomfortable with this, you may not be able to take part.

6. No one will be allowed to just watch a lesson, please be considerate to everyone and myself by paying and joining in.

7. Toxic agenda behaviour such as, Bitchiness, Diva egos, arrogance and negativity will not be tolerated, so please leave this at home!!

8. Also, no chronic gigglers please, as this is distracting.

Things to Get Exited about!

Bellydance Costumes

What ever size colour or design, Bellydance costumes can be designed and produced for Folkloric or Oriental Styles, such as Bra and Belt Sets,Tops, Pants, Skirts and Dresses either plain or exquisitely decorated making sure you look the part when you're practising in class or performing at an event.

U.K. Bellydance Events

There is a huge variety of U.K. Bellydance events going on all over the country, from Workshops to Haflahs to Dance Weekends and Shows.

There is much to take part in and enjoy as a great way to be inspired, increase your confidence learn more and raise your awareness of the Bellydance scene.

Helping to share this wonderful dance with others.

CD or MP Music

A huge array of wonderful music in the format of CDs or MP downloads are available for Bellydancing these days the music is fantastic and catchy from Orchestral Oriental Retro Classics right up to Modern day Oriental Classics, Traditional Folkloric Saaidi and Baladi and funky Arabic Pop music.

Educational & Learning Resources

There is a lot to learn about Bellydancing, this goes without saying. So..................... there are alot of learning resources to help you along. DVDs on Bellydance Technique, Performance Skills, the 3 main styles, Finger Cymbal Playing, Veil technique, Saaidi Cane technique and much more.

Also, online mini courses such as video clips or hardcopy instruction for you to make use of.

Class Haflahs

Quarterly Class Haflahs or rather in laymans terms Bellydance parties.

This is a social opportunity for class students only, to get together and party with a chance to show off your new Costume and dance to your new Choreography, or Improvisation.

Remember to bring food drink and your music CD or MP to perform to.


When it's your birthday day you will receive Cards and gifts from all of us.

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