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Health, Fitness and Well-being 


There are many Health benefits that people are completely unaware of with regards to Belly dance.

For example :-

* Increased flexibility, especially in the lower back and hip and joint areas.

* Arthritis relief and increased endorphins (the Happy hormones).

* Weight loss, if danced on a regular basis e.g. at least 4 times a week from 30 mins to 1hour with a calorie controlled diet.

* Cellulite reduction, especially with vigorous shimmies, which reduce cellulite around the bottom, tummy and thighs breaking up the adipose tissue freeing the darker fat that creates the cellulite orange peel look. So, plenty of shimmying must be included in your regular work outs.

The Fitness element and the fact that Bellydance actually is a form of effective exercise for the following reasons:- 

* Increased fitness and Stamina especially to drills of 30 minutes at least four times a week, to music with a BPM (Beats per Minute), of 120 – 130 will make you sweat , burn fat and lose weight. 

* A flatter Stomach and smaller waist.

* Tighter body tone especially bottom and thigh muscles, also with lifting the Arms better tine in the arm muscles.

The wellbeing factor definately goes without saying.

The idea of escaping for an hour or more to enjoy the music, moves and costumes of the Egyptian Bellydance culture and socialize at the same time is a very appealing pull for many women as well as the increased levels of confidence and self - esteem it provides.Also, there are always lots of stimulating events that are going on in the Bellydance scene.

* Workshops.

* Haflahs.

* Performance Platforms.

* Shows.

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